From Malaga to Mojácar, by car

Explore the beautiful coast of eastern Andalusia

A road trip from Malaga, capital of the providence of the same name situated in southern Spain, to the charming town of Mojácar with 7.000 citizens in south-east offers some memorable views on the mountainous coast. The coast on the eastern part of Andalusia is also less touristic as the western part, but it is at least as beautiful.

The drive is just three hours, starting from the city of Malaga which has become a much appreciated destination for travelers looking for a cultural offer as well as sandy beaches and nice climate. Among the main attractions are the Picasso Museum (as the famous artist was born in this city), The Museo Pompidou and the Museo Carmen Thyssen. You can also relax in one of the many bars and restaurants on the beach or in the city center. We also recommend you to check out one of the rooftop bars. To start your trip, you can easily book a vehicle through a car hire in malaga airport. On the way, you will pass by some nice sandy beaches and small but charming villages like Nerja. Also, you can make a stop in Almería, capital of the province of the same name founded in 955 by the Emir and Calif of Córdoba, and explore the historic city.

Mojácar itself is a place of its own, situated on top of a fill facing the sea, the old center is a cluster of white washed square buildings. Whether you want to stroll through the artisan shops or relax in Mojacar Playa, you won´t be disappointed. So, if you decide to start your roadtrip from Malaga Airport, you can check out this video to find your way from the gate to the hire car enterprises.