Sport activities in the South of Spain

Summer holiday is coming and we need to organize our activities to relax ourselves. There are many destinations to choose around the world, but the things is what do you want to do? If you decides travel to mainland Europe, you could choose Spain how destination. This modernized country offers important art museums, original cuisine, nightlife and amazing activities in different natural area such as mountains, beach and forests.

Summer season offers possibilities to do sport routes in any moment least likely having bad weather. The country gives several coast and beach in all territory, but one of the most important summer areas is the south of Spain. Andalusia is a good destination to travel and visit it several nature areas, monuments, historical cities, etc. More specifically, Malaga, is one of the provinces which stands out for its tourism. This area has a nice Mediterranean climate, so you enjoy warm and dry summer, features necessaries to enjoy the sun and sea. However, you can visit different small towns of that province and enjoy several water activities in the sea. For that reason, it could be a great option to summer travel around Málaga doing water sports.

You will arrive at the Malaga airport which is the fourth airport most important in Spain. From there you could look for “car hire Malaga airport” and begin your travel around the province with a car and without schedules. Some of the next activities are related to sea and other are to enjoy amazing experiences.

If you would like to go for a cruise on any ship to develop any activities relate to the sea, you should go to Benalmádena. There is a company, Charter Naúticos Benalmádena, where you choose between boat tours, fishing, even parties as romantic dinner for instance, etc. There you have the opportunity to celebrate or relax yourself like you want. In Fuengirola, you could find the possibility to dive or kitesurf in its coasts. Abysub offers all type of services and different levels to each activity. You will enjoy amazing views in sea floor and you will learn kitesurf through courses.

Hiking route

But if you want to live an extreme experience, you have a possibility across San Pedro de Alcantara mountain. “Turismo Avetura 1992, give you a vehicle “Polaris RZR 100” and you will be able to across any type of field to live an incredible experience in your life. Beside you can enjoy amazing views of the sea and animals of the area. Finally, you should go to Ronda where you can practise activities such as canyoning, hiking, caving and routes. The routes can be by horse, car or bike.

Thanks to all of these activities you will have amazing holidays and you will live nice experiences to remember in the future or repeat it again. Don’t wait more and organize your summer holidays and comes to Spain.