The well of San Antonio in Granada

The fountain of San Antonio promises to all the people that are love with somebody that if they drink of its water, they are going to get married soon. The fountain is located in one of the most important villages of the Alpujarras, Pampaneira (in Spain), and is perfect for a romantic getaway. We recommend a car rental in malaga airport to take course to Granada, whether it is for a day trip or a weekend escape.

Pampaneira, Granada, Spain

The town of Pampaneira is well connected from Malaga, and is only 72 kilometers from the capital, Granada. It should be noted that it is immersed in a spectacular landscape of mountains, as it is located 1,058 meters above sealevel. At Niza Cars we put at your disposal the ideal car to discover any landscape. As for its historical heritage, the town has been declared Historic Artistic Heritage together with the villages Bubión and Capileira. In the past, the main economic activity of the town was based on the exploitation of the vineyards. Nowadays, tourism is the main source of income for the inhabitants. Speaking of tourism, the most peculiar attraction of Pampaneira is — without a doubt — the well of San Antonio, which promises people who drink from their water that they are going to get married with their “love” soon. The well has written a poem that tells its “legend”:

Do not say this water I will not drink

For this fountain you see here

Is the source of virtue

and has such magnitude

Who to drink his water is invited

confirmed by a devotee

What a parishioner of this Church.

A single who drinks it with the intention of getting married

Does not fail! Because instantly

Bride he has, soon you’ll see! …

There is no doubt that this town of the Alpujarras is a special place, not only for the famous fountain of San Antonio, but also for the well-preserved Moorish aspect of its streets, the joy of its people and the impressive natural landscape surrounding it. Visit malaga airport car hire for further info on how to get your rental car at Malaga Airoport.

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