Running is hands down the best habit I have built

Running teaches you a lot of things; chief among them is that the only limit is YOU. There’s no random in running: if you work hard and go miles, you’ll see results.

Finishing a 5K race (4th out of 700)

Running is a gift and the best habit someone should build in my opinion. Not sure about the exact definition of meditation but when I run, I let my mind wander and I feel liberated as a result, something people sometimes refer to as a runner high or perhaps a form of meditation.

If you want to take your running to the next level and start enjoying racing, you gotta work on three main skills:

  • Endurance: go for long runs, not fast but long
  • Strength: do hills, build muscles such as hips and back, cross train
  • Speed: intervals, fast ones

You’ll be surprised how fast you progress if you put in the hard work.

Running is also a lifestyle, it will teach you discipline and how to achieve goals, things that can benefit all aspects of your life.

Alright, time to go for a run!

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