Planning for a better future (1.0.1)

If you might not know, I am currently in the stage of my life where I must go to a place called hell (school). Me and my peers have definitely maintained our love-hate relationship with the school, and as of now, there is no way that that would ever end. It’s a good school, depending on what aspect of it you are examining, and it can definitely provide you with a good start for after- high school experience (college).

But to be able to take ahold of those advantages is what makes this school so difficult to love. A lot of the students are lazy here (partially including me) and we usually do not have good grades (not….exactly including me, unless you consider a gpa average of 3.5 to be bad). I have recently found out that I’m going to be taking honors courses next for 3 subjects next year.

The reason why I am talking about all of this is to get this obvious fact out there: I want to be successful later in life. I have realized a while back that a simple 0.10 increase or decrease in your gpa can make 3 dollars a big deal or a thing of little importance in the future. I don’t want to have to deal with any of the problems that I have now. I would be even more “stressed” than I am now.

I have decided to stop playing around with people and to start taking my education seriously because I don’t want to be a garbage woman one day. During this final marking period of the school year, I’m going to try to get a gpa of 3.90 or higher. I believe that I can do that.

I don’t have much of an outro, but I’m sure I’ll come up with one soon.

> See you soon, Potato Chips


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