Street Notes #1

Brief Thoughts In Places I’ve Been

Dosso, Niger

Sweat, heat and sand; sand, heat and sweat. I’ve never seen this much sand in my life, or animals so beautiful. Looking at a giraffe in person is almost ethereal, like you’re looking into the face of something that resembles God, not quite as great, but nearly as pure. There is no other way to say this.

District of Columbia, U.S.

There are places in the world to which my soul will always belong, in which I will always feel safe. You taste familiar, like the sugary sweetness of bissap juice.

Syracuse, NY, U.S. (Airport)

The TSA seized my toothpaste. It was just fine in my hand luggage on my flight into Syracuse. Despite use 6 times, it magically became too large on my flight out of Syracuse. But anything to avoid a bomb.

Dakar, Senegal

They say you should go places, and fall in love in those places, or fall in love with those places, and here I did both.

I use love, some might say, loosely. I don’t let the word “love” be something I clutch to, something I grip on too tightly. I give it freely. I use it freely. Give and it will come back to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over — love is my favorite thing to give.

So I gave it to Dakar, and boy, did she give it back.

Lagos, Nigeria

What makes a place home? Is it the language you will always speak? Is it the people who look just like you? Is it the inside jokes you can always laugh along to?

What makes a place home? I’m no longer certain.

****Thank You Note: I have been wanting to do something different for so long, but I didn’t realize what it was. But it is this: write about the way I feel in the places I travel to. Thank you to a beautiful lady called Neela (blog: whose blog I visited on a fluke. It was what I needed to see, because it was what I wanted to say. It was like watching my deepest thoughts come out of another person’s lips. Her blog features South Africa, New York, France, Morocco — so many places that I’ve never seen (except New York) but I now feel like I’ve called home. Thank you Neela, thank you for speaking my heart.