love is,

the sore feet and sun beaten neck of your mother after she walks miles to find food for you to eat despite the hunger clawing at her belly.

my heart pounding hard against my chest and yellow warmth consuming every single thing in a span of seconds. the air breathes small doses of hope into my caving lungs.

text me when you wake up

the place I go to get away from it all. where the milky way floats overhead. where stars shine with an audacity they do not possess in the city. the untrodden red soil and rusty oil rigs, huge and looming. all these things pulling together and wrapping me in something familiar.

the undeniable poetry of water. in rain, in lakes, in vast seas.

your body manoeuvring to fit the space between sentences and words. the silence in split seconds. watching his sleepy limbs return from lethargy. the slight rasp in his voice late at night when he doesn’t even know what he’s saying. light falling on his face in a manner of music. the storm rattling in the muscles of his back as he turns to leave. everything slowly giving way to the new.

i saw this today and thought of you

words written in black ink; painted in truth, choking on grace, dribbled in sparkle, stained in blood. written affirmations to you. writing these everyday for the rest of your life even if they go unread.

noise, bright and full trickling into your ears where you sit, four stories high, watching the chickens below.

pulling old things out of your pockets; candles with no wicks, broken waist beads, a jewellery box with no lid. little shiny trinkets from the people you loved and thought you knew. throwing them into the fire and watching a new day spawn from the soot where your soul gets a chance to stay in this swirling limelight.

knowing this : that you are the most delicate fucking flower the earth has to offer. knowing this : that you carry the strength of multitudes between your ribs.

finally realising that life is not a stale limbo. not a funeral march. killing the whirring motor of the voice that spat venomous words in your ears for as long as you can remember.

paying extra for vintage wine, real silk and rare records because why not?

the feeling of sunlight on the roof of your mouth, on the tip of your tongue. pink stargazer lilies, sunflowers. your blood clotting, your heart beating, every organ in your body joining hands to keep you alive.

the bottom of the hourglass fills with sand. you are still here.