The Duckworth of DuckTales (Episode Review)

I’m not gonna go too far into it. Being two months late with no new episodes having come out at the time of this article, but here are my, thoughts on Disney’s DuckTales (2017) Reboot. I’ll start by saying that this is a follow up from the review of the trailer I did back in it’s release. I only watched the first episode/pilot of the 44 min long special “Woo-oo!” (22 min. per episode). I watched, endured, and had some laughs with it. The introduction of them all was well forward, minus their amnesia and not knowing their own great uncle Scrooge.

It’s a bit off seeing Dewey as the sort of focal point of the show. Not to say the writers haven’t represented the brothers well, last I recall though Huey has always been the unspoken leader of the trio. The Trio and Webby aren’t too far from sight, nor Scrooge. I was surprised even when the bit of Scrooge’s family tree was done accurately. Not that the information isn’t a google search away but still nice to see in a reboot.

Donald is the same which is perfect, and Launch-Pad is still funny so I’m looking to them more. Flawless re-imagining of the opening theme too. Most of my gripes are with the character roles and of whom they are replaced/changed with. It doesn’t take away from the show much though. The “know-it-all” Webby is nothing new as a character trait, but I’m still no fan of it. A character can be smart and subtle and get by fine. I’m not gonna do a number rating but I would say that; It is not a disappointment if you like the old series. It has a lot to offer and I hope that it can put up to the test.