Weekly Rant — Advertising

I shall preface this by saying that I don’t hate all advertising. Some of it I find genuinely entertaining or clever and I think the brainboxes behind it ought to be congratulated.

Some advertising, however, is just inane drivel. That in itself is sufficient to draw my ire, however what makes it worse is the recurring realisation that people actually get paid to come up with these terrible ideas. Ideas that most sane people wouldn’t even have, and if they did they would have the good sense and decency to keep it to themselves. But these ‘creative’ people, devoid of a social filter, seemingly blurt them out in meetings for some executive to mistake their misguided confidence for brilliance and commission it.

A prime example of this has to be the epidemic that plagued televisions some three years ago. A minor internet-based hotel-booking site took out its hatred on the world when it conceived, shot and aired a host of adverts focusing on one mans desire to appease his (allegedly) better half; a task he deemed not complete unless he informed her that he would do “anything for you cupcake” in some bizarre attempt at a west country accent.

I found the adverts to be entirely ridiculous and lamentable, but it must be recognised that this can be a viable advertising tactic. Some adverts are so intentionally horrendous that they stick in your head and make forgetting the advert, and by extension the brand, impossible (see Gocompare.com adverts for more on this). This particular ad didn’t even deliver on that front as I had to YouTube search “anything for you cupcake” because I remembered my hatred for the brand but not the brand itself. I’m not sure what would be worse, being a fly on the wall in the meeting where it was pitched or seeing the bank balance of the person who pitched it and despairing to realise they still had a job after the meeting.