My Trump Theory of Everything
Dave Pell

Nope. You have miss-analyzed the intention. It just looks that way. You have assigned a personality dynamic to Trump that is false and very few people think HRC is ‘successful’ in anyway. A failed marriage, a failed daughter mother relationship, failed foreign policy ( the world is on fire) failed DNC relationships and ask her brothers about the failed familial relationships. How about the relationship with the LAW? Trump on the other hand is the man who has succeeded in many ways and doesn’t care about the opinion of the elite — they scorned his father and he was there to embaress them and her as a form of sticking it in the faces of people who don’t give a care about the need that plainly sits in front of them. Trump may lose the elction ( I hope not) but it will truly be the people of the U.S.who will lose if HRC is president. She is and will never be my president, leaders don’t leave the people they lead behind. Trump has neve done one single thing to jeopardize the country, my security and he has created thousands of jobs( you might want to get one) he has helped people in need an dnever once had an FBI investigation. Wake up, get some coffee and rethink that We The People nominated Trump and it is We The People that make up the country.