How to Access That Progress Bar on iOS 9's Shitty New Podcast App

First thought: I can barely see the progress bar.

Second thought: But it’s pretty, I guess.

Third thought: But I don’t want the background color to change every time I pick a new podcast. The podcast app as a purple icon. Purple should be here somewhere!

But wait.

I can’t drag the progress bar back, there’s no cursor.

Let’s see if there’s a “Now Playing” screen.


Where is it?


Do I have to fucking tap 15 seconds back 100 times in a row? The progress bar’s literally the only thing any audio player needs. THE ONLY THING WE NEED. IT SHOULD BE THE FIRST THING WE SEE. I USED TO HAVE TO GO INTO MUSIC AND DOWNLOAD PODCASTS FROM THE ITUNES STORE AND THE COME BACK AND IT WAS STILL LESS FRUSTRATING.


So what needs to happen is you need to pull up the fucking useless progress bar that you could barely see to access the useful progress bar.

There’s zero visual cue that you can pull that progress bar up. Zero. And you’re used to the Control Center being pulled up from the bottom, not the fucking main thing that your fucking app needs.

Get it together, Apple.