I like weed a lot

I like weed. I usually have about a quarter gram at home that I’ll roll up and smoke a few times a week. I’m not a daily smoker, in fact I usually only have about a third of a jay when I do light up so probably only go through 1.5–2 p/week. Happy days.

I thought recently about whether or not I may have been addicted to it, as whenever I’m home and have nothing planned for the evening, I’ll light up and take a few puffs. But, a recent trip to Europe for a month proved I wasn’t as I stayed weed-free and didn’t even think about it. Happier days.

I do have a little concern though. A week ago, my delivery guy (yes, I get my weed delivered) offers me some that’s a tiny bit more pricey on the promise that it’s pure and quite a bit stronger. In his words “it’ll get you positively high for a solid 30 minutes and then for the next 30, you’ll sober up and there’s no hangover”. “Why not?” I thought, so I bought a quarter. Happiest of days.

I’ve now had this amazing weed for a few weeks and smoke it about half the time, specifically when I’m planning to go out and doing anything creative. I am a pretty creative person so need that sort of outlet regularly and this weed acts as an amazing stimulant for that. I’m pretty happy with the productivity levels it gives me but, I started this part of the story with a little concern I had. So…

My concern is that now I’ll probably only buy this weed. This risks becoming somewhat immune to it’s effects after a while, causing it to lose its wonderful creative injection. At this point in time, what do I do? My grandfather may have said “Marijuana is a gateway drug” or “Skunk is Satans lawn clippings” but the truth is, I don’t seek out this drug for it’s creative juices (or to feel more connected to Satan by smoking his mulch), I do it because I think a lot. I often catch myself having two or three trains of thought at once and I like the calm that washes over my mind after a short puff. If you concentrate, you can actually feel it like a cool breeze, gently blowing over your mind pushing the traffic clean out of the city.

It’s really not a gateway drug, it’s a relaxant and method by which I can get some proper rest. I love it and will continue to use it in moderation for a long time or until it’s legal, at which point I’ll probably switch to edibles.

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