Trying to fix my head

So I’m starting to really appreciate the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle when it comes to mental health.

I’m in my 30s, early 30s but still, I’m noticing physical changes more so than ever before. These changes aren’t manifesting themselves as grey hairs or midnight bathroom adventures yet but rather as a proactive effort to punish me for being lazy, eating unhealthy foods and/or drinking or partaking too often. The problem is my mind hasn’t yet adjusted to the fact that my body no longer has patience for these youthful indulgences. What to do?

Well, I could stop. Go cold turkey against alcohol, weed, unhealthy foods, adopt a raw vegan lifestyle and take on a passionate disdain for shaving products but that’s just another extreme that’s probably not going to help. I imagine the balance is somewhere in the middle and my middle is going to look something like this:

- Eat a lot more vegetables (not smothered in butter etc)

- Eat smaller portions at all meals (one slice of toast instead of two etc)

- Ensure that I jog every other day at minimum (or ride bike or work out etc)

- On days where I’m not jogging, use that time to do productive things (photography work/music/other creative things)

- Do things with my friends that aren’t just drinking/smoking

- Limit my alcohol intake to 1 night p/week & 1 day on the weekend (max twice p/week for drinks)

- Start going to bed earlier (11pm is my goal)

- Make lunch for work more often (healthy options) to save money

- Drink less purchased coffee and utilise my work coffee machine instead

I believe that all of the above is a good way for me to start feeling better mentally. I went a week without weed or alcohol a little while back and felt pretty good about it. I don’t plan to cut it out altogether but believe that balancing it with the above should really help keep my mind in a good place and my energy levels up.

I know I can do my job but I just need to want to do it.

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