I attempted piracy. It did not go well.

I want the good things in life, ya know? A nice 48 slot ship, a shiny red freighter, a hot Vy'keen on my arm, and a bank balance bursting with credits. I'll never get these things breaking open rocks on shit-hole planets. So I decided to do what so many men in my position have done: I turned to brigandry.

My first target was a fat little Hauler pulling out of a trade depot. "Going somewhere?" I chortled as my phase beam tore the yellow ship in half. I picked up my plunder and headed off. This is going to be easy, I thought to myself.

After shooting down a few more ships I was drunk with power. These puny ships were no match, I thought. I was *Invincible.*

I grew even more greedy and reckless as a freighter warped in front of me. "I am the fury and the flame! Behold my devestation and despair!" I was... I was really getting into it.

I began tearing open the cargo pods: Thamium, Emeril, Nanite clusters... all flowed to me like blood-wine. My ships shields held steadfast against the freighters gun batteries.

Then things went to hell.

In a short span of time I was being swarmed by Sentinel ships. I’d never tried to fight more than one a time before, but now there was half a dozen. And they were pissed!

My shields started dropping. It was time to make a hasty retreat. I shot down a few, but more kept coming. I would take down a wave, only to have another wave arrive within seconds. My phase beam went dry. They were relentless and I was running out of things to feed the deflector shield.

My only hope was of escape was the surface of a nearby planet. I gunned it for the surface, spinning the whole way down in an attempt to mitigate the incoming fire from the Sentinel ships. My shields finally gave out and I began taking damage to the hull. I had to land now!

Just as soon as I was in range I engaged the lander. The heavily damaged ship touched down and I automatically hopped out... into a spray of Sentinel laser fire. I scrambled back inside the cockpit and saw that I was surrounded. Two walkers were already there, pacing around my ship, as were a few Sentinel dogs just waiting for me to exit. 3 drones floated around the ship, there red, cyclopian eyes trained one me.

I attempted a retreat but discovered that not only were my launch thrusters empty, but I didn’t have a stitch of plutonium on me, having fed all of my recent plunder into my phase beam and shields.

There was no way I would be able hop out and mine some plutonium without getting cut down by the waiting Sentinels. Instead, I scrapped a component of my suit which gave me just enough gas to launch and warp the hell out of that system.

Mistakes were made and lessons were learned. While a pirates life might not be for me, it sure is fun as hell.

-Pilgrim out

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