I don’t think a day passes without seeing a post telling people how to succeed or some variation on…
Georgia Mrkvicka Westphal

Couldn’t agree more. To be ‘successful’ in the way these inspirational speakers define it we have to be people-oriented. I am a diehard introvert, and definitely not a people person. I am a quiet thinker that likes working with my hands. To have hundreds of voices yapping at me every day would drive me utterly insane. As a die-cutter, I stand at a machine all day and the only thing I see is the wall behind the machine. No people, except one boss that rarely bothers me because I do my job. Other than a few friendly comments to and from other workers I am pretty much left to my own thoughts about the universe, the world we live in, religions, anything that satisfies my own curiosities about life. If I had to guess I’d estimate that I speak maybe 400 words a day. I am, by my own definition, successful. :-)

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