I am currently watching “The Connected Universe | Nassim Haramein” on Youtube. It’s a fun watch with intelligent leanings toward creationism. It also describes how impossible it would be for the universe and life to come out of randomness by using this example: If you gave a blind man a Rubik’s Cube and let him make one move every second, it would take him ONE-POINT-FOUR TRILLION YEARS to solve it.


The one thing I have always mentally bumped up against that highly suggests that randomness is not only possible, but most likely the case, is


Naturally occurring magnets are called lodestones, but consider the magnets in the above image. If you drop (individually) millions, billions, and trillions of them within close proximity to each other they will not only be attracted to one another, but they will be attracted to each other (and also repelled by each other) in a very specific way:

  1. The north side of one magnet will be attracted to the south side of another magnet.
  2. The south side of one magnet will be attracted to the north side of another magnet.
  3. When two or more magnets connect they will always keep one end as a north side, with the other end a south side.

Without any designer these magnets will repeat the process of attraction every time they are dropped. Who’s to say that there isn’t a molecular magnetism that naturally binds atoms together in a very specific way? Or, that naturally binds the chemicals that make up our DNA?

I welcome any and all intellectual responses. If you know something that I don’t, please share it. Thanks!

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