Dear God-fearing religious people,

One of the major flaws in the beliefs of most religions is that the universe was created just for us. The reason for this myth is simple: Man, in his self-centered arrogance, simply cannot fathom just how big the universe is, and just how small our planet is in the great scheme of things. To help clarify this I invite you to watch this documentary, Journey to the Edge of The Universe. It is hosted by Alec Baldwin (such a great speaking voice!), and loaded with breathtaking images. Keep in mind that every speck of light in this video, be it bright or weak, is a sun; a sun with planets orbiting it.

Now, I understand that by you being religious this video would make you even in more awe of your god’s creation, but you also need to come away from this documentary with a certain revelation, which is this:


Imagine you are sitting in a desert and picking up EVERY grain of sand one at a time. Then move to the next desert, and the next… Once you are done examining the grains of sand in every desert, now you can start with all of the beaches of the world. What you are looking for is the most important grain of sand in the universe; so important that you can hold it up and declare, “The universe was created just for this grain of sand!” This is what you are doing with the tiny speck of dust that we call Earth. Our planet is so insignificant in the vastness of the universe that it makes us humans even less than insignificant. We have zero value. We are nothing.

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