The Real Reason You Can’t Understand Why Black Americans Are Furious
Clay Rivers

What disturbs me most is the need to still blame things on skin color in the 21st century. Blacks think that whites in America are THEE problem and everything would be perfect if whites suddenly disappeared from the planet. But, if we take a look at an all-Black country, like say, Nigeria, we find that everyone having the same skin color does not stop government corruption. It doesn’t stop an all-black police force from killing innocent people. It doesn’t make the filthy rich black people open their wallets any wider for the desperately poor black people. If we take away our skin color we find that life doesn’t change in the slightest. Things like greed, ignorance, and cruelty are human flaws that are equally spread throughout ALL the races. The sooner we accept this the sooner we can address the real issues, which is the fact that it’s the stupid people throughout the world that is causing all of our problems. Stupid politicians. Stupid people with guns. Stupid people plopping out more kids than they can afford. Stupid people with stupid religions. It has been said that we can’t fix stupid. Well, we better damn well try before the stupid ruin the entire planet.

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