The Aftermath of Loving a Narcissist
Veronica Christina

You are way too good for the one to whom you are referring. I believe it’s helpful to share these kind of things nowadays so we can begin treating women as complete equivalents. Statistically speaking, even when writing, men use “I” and “we” more than women. It’s as though many men think if “I” am not involved, the issue must be irrelevant. With “we” it seems so often to be forcing one’s own opinions on another without asking. It’s a fact also that in the U.S. we pay women 77 cents on the dollar, AND charge more for female products.

I’m not a psychologist or anything so maybe shouldn’t intervene and if so, I apologize. I did live under a roof with a physically and mentally abusive father, though, so I can empathize through my own angst as well as my mother’s. I am a male feminist if that is relevant, too.

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