An update after my open letter

Last week I wrote an open letter to HSBC on trust, prompted by the way they have treated my wife. At best, the readership might be described as moderate. However, the letter gained more views than I would have been able to manufacture from my connections alone. For this I am delighted. It seems to have resonated with some, so thank you for sharing.

I don’t intend to devote my blog to a crusade against one bank. So I will keep this update brief and final.

In the interest of fairness I wanted to share a call that I just received from HSBC. Sadly I didn’t get the caller’s name, but it was not the normal call centre.

Twelve days after my wife’s bond matured, he apologised for HSBC delaying the return of her money. He said that the cheque was in the post. He didn’t offer any explanation of why it has taken nearly 2 weeks to get to this point. It should be received within the next day or so. We will wait and see.

I appreciate the call but the damage has been done. Also, I don’t (yet) know if my wife, as the affected customer, received a similar call.

It is odd that they might choose to call me first, but he said the reason for calling was because of this open letter. He was even courteous enough to say that the letter was balanced. He acknowledged that the issues raised were fair. I am pleased that it has gained enough attention that it has made its way to someone at HSBC who has the authority to respond.

I know that one letter from one disgruntled but insignificant customer will make not a difference on its own. But customer service of the level offered to my wife is not acceptable. Change is possible. Even in big and seemingly untouchable corporates. By each of us calling out poor and unfair treatment, our individual final straws can become those first steps in the journey of a thousand miles.

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