It’s all about me

Sorry, in this case it really is.

I want to use this single post to succinctly replace all my legacy websites. Think of it as the equivalent of a Wikipedia entry on me. Much less visible. A little more personal. And much more fitting for just an average Dave.

Here are the facts in brief:

  • My name is Dave Hastie and I’m 39 years old.
  • I’m happily married to Wendy, with two children Millie and Harry, and a dog.
  • I live in the UK, in Cranleigh, Surrey. I grew up in Worthing, West Sussex, and went to university in Bristol.
  • At work I focus on data science and technology for applications in sport. We’re a small start-up team.
  • I love football. Playing and coaching mainly, but watching too. But I am definitely not a football encyclopaedia.
L-R: Me, Harry, Millie & Wendy


I’m available at the places below if you want to get in touch.


  • LinkedIn: davehastie
  • Github: DaveHastie (nearly everything here is old and not being actively developed)


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