Why copying Elon Musk’s supposed habits is a dumb idea
Jon Westenberg — Startup Blogger ↗

Keep in mind that such books and articles are written to sell. So they tell you some weird-ass stuff that rich people do. Because if you thought about doing those things by yourself, you would get all sorts of comments and looks from your peers. But if a famous person is doing it, you are much less likely to get berated.

The problem with trying to sell such books is that they tell you only the interesting stuff in an interesting way. You won’t be told how Elon Musk has stayed nights thinking about one small problem. While it has some inspiration to show off his persistence, it’s not that interesting.

The secret behind the success of people is hard work and inexcusable grinding. You won’t hear them “I’ve been working for so long, I need a break”. No, they work their asses off. And those little things that they do every day is a way for them to take a break and ease their minds without having not to work for a long period of time.

The other thing is the added bonus of habits. The more habits you have, the easier it is to build new ones. It’s like a skill. It’s important for rich people to adapt, so they constantly build new habits that will benefit them in some way. Being able to do so at ease is an amazing thing to have in your arsenal.

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