Nutter Fort Primary Witch Hunt
Yvonne Loar

I believe this parent initially posted the video for her friends, with no intention of it going viral. Regardless, she has now become obsessed with denigrating the teacher. Rather than creating space to discuss disabilities and how we need to approach people with disabilities in the public education system (starting at her own primary school), she has instead created such a tremendous amount of turmoil that there is unlikely to ever be a positive discussion about this in her community for the next long while. Parents, teachers and administrators with opposing views will have their backs up, and nobody will be able to broach the topic without discord. She also has done a complete disservice to her son, who now will be handled with such kid gloves that he will likely be completely coddled, allowed to do as he pleases, etc., because teachers and others at the school will fear repercussions.

I am also completely appalled at the reactions. I have seen on both the parents Facebook pages, as well as in media, people saying they will get mobs together and beat her up, lynch her, punch her, etc. Neither parent has spoken against this, and this is terrible. People are also saying they should get a civil rights lawsuit started, which if they pursue it, will mire what I am guessing is an underfunded school district in years of litigation and unreasonable expense. All because of a school play which the child participated in throughout, despite not having the required permission slip to rehearse in, and because a microphone was taken from him at the very end.

Finally, let’s say this woman did do it intentionally. What if she was at the end of her patience, or had something else going on her life that caused her to react inappropriately? I do not know a SINGLE parent who has not spoken to their kid out of turn due to lack of patience or frustration. If you say you haven’t, then either you are completely blind to yourself or human nature in general. It doesn’t make reacting this way right, but people should have some iota of grace towards others before trying to completely destroy them, which is what it seems thousands upon thousands of people are trying to do.

I have come to the point where I am exiting social media, because it seems to do more harm than good. It has somehow become the judge and juror of society, when it has to be the most biased means of doing so.

Yvonne, you’re a brave woman to state your opinions openly in front of your community, and I commend you for taking a rational and compassionate approach to this.

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