Helping Residents Produce and Reduce

The numbers are in and they are encouraging.


In 2018 we achieved a significant milestone of surpassing 2MW of solar as the result of our Solarize NoVA campaign which kicked off in 2014. The 2MW of net metered solar represents 4% of the net metered solar and wind in the Commonwealth of Virginia (estimated at 50 MW according to the State Energy Plan) — no small achievement given the only incentive available to residents and business for solar in Virginia is the Federal Investment Tax Credit. Our 263 projects have a contract value of more than $6.1 million and utilize the services of local, regionally based solar contractors.These solar arrays offset 1,969 tons annually of CO2 the equivalent of 1,954,180 pounds of coal not being burned.


Working with our not-for-profit partners at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) and Community Housing Partners (CHP) since 2016 3,012 households in Northern Virginia have received weatherization services. These efforts save on an annual cumulative basis 1.278 million kWh of energy which has a monetary value of $140,635.11. The reduction of energy use has a positive environmental impact by reducing on annual basis 1,049 tons of CO2.

Combined both the solar and energy efficiency programs annually offset 3,018 tons of CO2.

What’s Next

The local energy provider in our region, Dominion Energy, has filed a new case with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to expand the number of energy conservation measures available to homeowners and businesses. The Northern Virginia Regional Commission at its November 29 meeting voted to submit comments to the SCC. NVRC staff will be working with energy efficiency advocates and our local government partners to provide comment on this important application.

With the Federal Investment Tax Credit at 30% for one more year we anticipate a busy year for solar. Our Spring campaign will kick off in April and we look forward to working with our many partners in the weeks and months ahead.