About Me

Hello my name is Brandon Barum I am a Jornalism major at cerritos college and im looking to transfer to a Cal State to then get my bachelor’s degree in Communications then to eventually to get a job in the sports world. The topics i will be disscusing on this blog will be mostly about the sports world major occurrences trades injurys and scores that are happening in the sports world. Also will occastionally talk about other things that might intrest me like Video game and Tech news and just opinons on random toughts that may come to my mind. if you want to find out what i might be talking about before you come to my blog i have a twitter and a facebook page here are the links to those sites: https://www.facebook.com/brandonbarum1/ https://twitter.com/NoVaCk_3893. you can go to those pages to find out what i might be talking about or some of the random thoughts i might have on my twitter and retweets about my interests and hobbies.

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