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Types of antibiotics, benefits, side effects

You must have taken antibiotics at least once in your lifetime. From the treatment of traumatic strep throat ear infections as a child to a burning urinary tract infection when young, or too itchy skin infections, antibiotics are among the most used of our important drug classes. There are medicines. Medical Store in Gandhi Nagar

Different types of antibiotics are available in the market and they come with different brand names. Antibiotics are usually placed in different groups depending on the way they work. Order Medicine Online in Gandhi Nagar

This is why different antibiotics are used to treat different types of infections. Online Medicine

The following are the main types of antibiotics -

· Penicillin

· Cephalosporins

· Tetracycline

· Aminoglycosides

· Macrolides

· Sulfonamides and trimethoprim

· Quinolones

· Nitrofurantoin

Benefits of antibiotics: -Antibiotics are very beneficial medicines for our health. It would be difficult to deny the benefits of penicillin and other antibiotics in treating bacterial infections, reducing bacterial infections and serious complications of the disease. LifeLine Medicos

Disadvantages of antibiotics: -Like all medicines, antibiotics also have the potential to cause side effects. When antibiotics are necessary for you, the benefits outweigh the risks. But even when they are not needed, even if you use them you are taking an unnecessary risk. Online Medicine in Gandhi Nagar


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