Well, there is another way to see this.
Mukilan Pannirselvam

I think your view of “live your life without worries” is dangerous.

We as a society need to be worried. We need to try to learn and learn and learn. We need to improve. If we stick to “cooking” or “telling fart jokes”, then people like Trump would become the president! And years of progress would go down the drain.

If you like cooking or telling jokes, good for you. If you want to live your life, that’s awesome. But you should keep learning, you should keep reading, your should follow the news, you should vote, you should cultivate your mind.

We have lots of comedians, but few are educated and intellectual. Almost all of them (with few exceptions) just want to get a laugh. No matter what! And that’s dangerous. If fifty shades of grey is the best selling book, then we have a problem. If major news agencies publish celebrity news to get views, then we have a problem.

Most of the shows on TV are on TV because “people watch them”. So, whatever you see on TV is what people ask for. If they stop watching it, the show gets cancelled. That tells you how uneducated and unintelligent people are. They will be offended if you call them dumb (or a synonym of dumb). Nobody wants to be called dumb. But, the same way that you call a sick person, sick, the same way that you call a tall person, tall, the same way you should call a dumb person, dumb.

So, to recap: I understand that people should follow their dreams, but that doesn’t mean that they should not be intellectual, knowledgeable, and sophisticated. And to be those, they should read, study, have critical thinking, and talk to intellectuals.

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