My prediction for Trump presidency: War!

Let me predict what will happen during the Trump presidency: war!

The United States are not united anymore. The country is as divided as a porn star’s legs in every movie I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). There are riots going on everywhere, and these people won’t accept Trump as their president. They will keep bothering the government forever. We need something to unite us all. The only solution is a common imminent enemy. Whenever a country is at war, people come together to fight the common enemy. They forget any domestic issues when they are needed to address a foreign one.

That scares me. As an Iranian living in the United States, I have seen enough to be afraid. I know how volatile Iran is. Extremists didn’t support the Iran deal, not in the US nor in Iran. Republicans here and fundamentalists there are champing at the bit to start a war. Both of these countries need enemies to thrive. If you throw Israel into the mixture, then you’ll have the most explosive solution the world has seen.

I was hoping Hillary would win and Iran deal would keep the peace. But Trump won. Now I’m hoping that president Rohani wins next year and he tries to keep the peace. But if he loses (or even if he doesn’t), there is going to be a war, and it is horrifying. If he loses there is going to be a war with Iran. If he wins he might stop the war, but the US needs a war. So they will invade some other country.

I hope I’m just being cynical and everything will be OK.

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