Update: Will Corbyn’s Decision to Back Hard Brexit in Parliament Hurt Labour at the Next Election?

According to a post-election poll, at least 26% of Labour voters voted for Labour because they wanted a softer Brexit or no Brexit at all

Further to my last post, I just came across a post-election YouGov poll, which asked people:

Which, if any, of the following issues were most important to you in deciding how to vote in the general election last week? Please tick up to three

35% of Labour voters ticked “Britain leaving the EU”, which was their second most-ticked issue after “Health” at 51%.

All respondents who ticked “Britain leaving the EU” were then asked in what way that issue had influenced their voting decision. Results by party are given below:

A total of 47 + 27 = 74% of Labour voters said they that wanted to support a party in favour of a softer Brexit or that they wanted to support a party that opposed Brexit. It follows that at least 0.74*35 = 26% of Labour voters voted for Labour in order to prevent May proceeding with hard Brexit.

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