100 Days Done.

Noah + Christina
Apr 1, 2016 · 3 min read

Dear Campus,

Now that it is election season, soon we will depart as ASG leaders, and then eventually Northwestern as students. Before we leave, we wanted to give you a sense of our own introspection. An honest view into how we perceive our term and how we hope you perceive it too.

We ran on a platform to listen then lead. Very soon into our term we realized that there was a lot of change needed to implement that mantra, and the principles of governance that we derived from it. Fundamentally, we believed that greater transparency would start unlocking ASG’s doors of access, so that our deliberation, representation, and action met student needs. Put simply, we couldn’t listen without more transparency.

Looking back on our term, we are most proud of our year-long fight for transparency. This principle was woven into our successes, failures, and everything else in-between. And so we want to be transparent about the fact that there’s a lot that we did not get done.

We wanted to build a subsidy fund through the box office to make Northwestern community events more accessible. We desperately wanted a commitment to implement a U.S.-focused diversity requirement for the Weinberg curriculum. We wanted to be at even more firesides, community conservations, and campus events.

We know what we promised. We know where we fulfilled them and where we did not. We also know that we spent a year with an incredibly passionate Executive Board committed to transparency and making an impact. Our best ideas and biggest accomplishments came from them. The campaign to get on the Faculty Task Force, the programmatic growth of Take Time, a proposal to reform the funding process, the series of events we put on to interact with the Evanston community, less ground flyering, our website showing NU public opinion over time, the Annual Survey, and our Budget proposals are just a few major examples of their commitment. You can see in our quarterly 100 Day Plans how our Executive Board made significant impact as individuals and as a team. We needed Riko, Wendy, Sim, Joji, Christina, Macs, Parag, Kenny, Serendi, Jourdan, Mackenzie, Matt H., Matt C., Scott, Noah W., Florence, and Michael to drive our vision for student government forward.

During this past year, we learned that Associated Student Government must take its job as a representative institution seriously. Our power is symbolic, yet our purpose is instrumental. We must make sure that we, as students, are heard by students. We started the fall saying that we would put “Students First.” We believe and hope that moving forward, ASG will push that commitment further, year after year.

Our term was an experiment. We wanted to carry a vision of humble and attentive student leadership from start to finish. Now, we leave office with gratitude to you. Thank you for letting us fight each quarter, each project, each meeting, 100 days at a time, to see how far we could go.

Noah and Christina

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