An Interesting Kid

All the kid wanted was to live. To not merely exist.

The kid is a kite. A kite dancing. Dancing in the middle of a thunderstorm, a tornado, an atrocity. The bigger the storm, the more radical the dance.

You see, the kid understood the essence of time. Not merely understood time, but even more so, experienced time. For the kid, time was an endlessly blooming flower. If nourished, the flower continues to bloom. But if neglected, the flower stops continuing to bloom. It stays in place, in the moment, in the phase. Each flower, sadly has an age that’s not defined by it’s bloom. A flower ages whether it blooms or not. And each flower dies eventually due to age.

(I do hope I’m sharing an accurate persona of this interesting kid.)

The kid defined another aspect of time, perhaps another dimension. Time is beautiful, yes. Yet, it’s limited and dark. Time is a burden. There’s only so much of it, there’s only so little of it. Time isn’t fair. Time is not defined, it defines.

The kid cherished the idea and gift of life, of time. The kid made principles and priorities that defined his utmost potential use of life. The kid never hesitated or regretted what was. Instead, the kid grasped and embraced what is.

Cherishing beauty of creation and understanding that eventually all will fade away, the kid set out to experience as much of life as was defined.

The kid struggled with man-made standards, with man-made rules, definitions, schemes, understandings, ideas, philosophies. The kid knew the truth but was often uncertain with its meaning and how to accomplish the truth in life.

The kid was interesting indeed. Always questioning man-made truths, always perceiving people for who they are, rather than for what they’ve done. Destroying all norms and standards that lead to bondage and enslavement. The kid showed others that there’s an alternative, that there’s another way. That in change and difference, there’s beauty of uncertainty.

Coping with a realm that bothered the inner, the kid felt guilty for failing to love without flaw. In the most inner of who the kid is, there was a burden of failure. There was something bothering the kid, that it couldn’t all be perfect, lovely, beautiful. That in order for beauty to be, there had to be something in contrast. Something such as hate, chaos, disorder, calamity. The kid never blamed life for what it created and has made to be. But the kid did have trouble with understanding the point of such a black & white contrast.

The kid understood that happiness is not the ultimate beauty of life. Rather time’s ultimate beauty was revealed in one’s ability to be content. The kid did not stop being content wherever at, whatever be. Instead the kid became a master in embracing the now, embracing the here!

Eventually, the thunderstorm fades, a tornado disappears, an atrocity ends. However, the kite still dances. Perhaps, a bit more calmer.

The kid, oh such an interesting kid.

Perhaps, the kid is you. Perhaps, the kid is me. Perhaps, the interesting kid is just an idea, a perception, a persona of a writer. Who knows?

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