Who You Are

It’s not what you do that defines who you are, rather it’s who you are that determines what you do.

We all are different. All have something we stand for, all have something we believe in. For instance, I believe and stand for love. I believe that’s what ultimately matters. But that’s beyond the point.

“In this crepuscule night, he stumbled upon a thought. Here we all are, living. We think, we dream, we read, we design, we do. But why? Why do we do what we do? I mean, do we do it to make the world a better place? To leave something behind? To become someone? To define ourselves? To please people? To achieve? To prove to others perhaps? We stand behind these grand ideas. To what ends, towards what? Thoughts, one neither better, nor worse. A process. We grow. We change over time. But why?”

That was written a while ago, t’was supposed to be a short story, but never got around to finishing it. Maybe I’ll come back to it another day. But it got me thinking about who am I.

I can’t really answer that question and I believe that the majority of my life will be me figuring it out. But I came to a realization that I am who I am and what I do is the outflow. Not the other way around.

What you do is a product of who you are. To clarify, we do certain things because of what we believe, what we stand for. We believe and stand for certain things because that what makes us up. Our ideas is who we are. Our beliefs is who we are. Depending on what we believe, we will do certain things. We will act a certain way.

I recently had a conversation with one of my good friends about friendship. I told that person that I would rather help a stranger out (for instance a homeless person) who really needs it, then go hangout with a long-term friend. The person in need of help needs me more than my friend needs me at that moment. I want to share some love and hope with someone who may not have it at that moment. However, my friend knows me and knows hope and love because I’ve shared it with him or her previously in my relationship. My friend will be alright if I sacrifice our time. On the other hand, the stranger is someone who is desperately in need of help and by helping that person, I can share a little of love and hope with him or her.

This idea makes me who I am, and therefore I act a certain way when in that sort of situation. At the end of the day, I helped a random person and hopefully shared some love with them.

What I’m trying to say here is that what we do is defined by who we are. If you truly love people, helping and caring won’t be so hard, it will come naturally, easily.

Think of it in terms of family. If you love your parents, you won’t obey them because you have to. You will obey them because you want to, because you love them.

Adventurous people go on adventures because that’s who they are. They love risk, danger, uncertainty. You can’t make someone love risk or danger. It’s not who they are, therefore they won’t go on adventures, or not often anyways. I’m by no means saying that one is better than another. We’re all different, we all have certain things that we like and certain things which we don’t.

Don’t get cycled up on past doings that you think are not you. We all change, we all grow, we all mature. Perhaps at one point in your life you did certain things, maybe now you don’t. I believe that something fundamentally changed. Who you are changed, I won’t say better or worse because that’s for you to determine.

We’re all different. And that’s a good thing. Be you. You’re beautiful.

* * *

P.S. To certain “Blonde Surfer,” hope you had a great day. Smile! :)

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