Young and Lost

Admitting to oneself the failure of plans and letting go, rather than aimlessly holding on and hoping for the best without reason.

Don’t waste being young. Instead, be content in uncertainty.

Being young is a time of learning who we are, both as an individual and as a part of a society. Sometimes in this phase of learning, we fail to enjoy the moment. Sometimes we bind ourselves to wack decisions and aimlessly follow through.

Though uncertainty is beautiful, it is tainted with consequences and various ramifications. Understanding that certain plans will fail and yet maintaining contentment is not a simple task.

Attachment to ideas and words can be hard to let go of. I have found that I’ve been influenced by moments caught up in emotions and feelings. Blindly attaching myself to words I’ve said and ideas I’ve come up with. Feeling pressured and constrained to go through with what I’ve decided in the heat of the moment. Later foolishly following through to not diminish my own identity. I guess to simplify it, t’was pride.

Feelings and emotions must be reasonable. They must not be blank or muddled. They must have a purpose, a reason, a logic.

I have made decisions in my life that I couldn’t explain why they were right. They were foolish, prideful, irrational. I’m learning to let go and admit my wrongdoings.

Letting go of yourself, ideas, words, heck even a certain identity you’ve created, will enable you to go to a certain low from which you can only grow. You can cultivate a you that is truly you. A you that is with a purpose.

Do not embrace a certain idea for the sake of not having any idea. Do not make aimless decisions for the sake of following through.

Admit to yourself that perhaps what you’ve decided may have been uncalled for. That you are not as wise as you deem yourself to be.

Yet, do not waste time dwelling on the past. Let go and move on. Learn from your mistakes. Be a better you.

Don’t let others tell you how to live your life. Have reasons why you are doing what you are doing and stand firm. But do not be arrogant and ignorant. Listen, listen, and listen again.

Being young is a grand time to find yourself. It should not be wasted. It should be enjoyed. Being young is a time to admit when wrong. It is a time to learn. A time not worth dwelling in the past.

* * *

For those of you who care about my personal life, I want to apologize for things I’ve said. I want to apologize in ways I have failed you. I have made far too many plans that I have not carried out. Changing from one direction to another. I’m young, sometimes lost. But I’m content. I’m willing to learn from my failures. I’m willing to let go of the past.

I guess I’m here writing and telling myself that I am a fool. I say too much, fail far too often, contradict my self. But I’m not too stubborn and arrogant to admit it when I’m wrong. I’m learning.

I am a person who takes emotions and feelings to a deep level. I love people, love relationships. I sometimes tend to act irrationally based on my feelings. It’s something I’m learning to steadily control. I’m slowly learning that I’m not unlike anyone else. I am the same as you, I have struggles that are no less than anyone else’s. I’m not special, not unique.

For those who identify with my writing, feel free to message me, call me, FaceTime me, or whatever. I, though not the wisest one out there, would gladly help you figure things out.


Fellow (Young and Lost) Dreamer

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