Magic Leap — it’s coming… And it’s Going To Change Your ‘Perspective’ On Reality! Through The Eyes Of a Young Man Who Aspires To Be Like Rony Abovitz

— Rony Abovitz, Entrepreneur, Extraordinaire; Holding the mysterious photonic light-field chip. As shown off, courtesy of WIRED Magazine, April of 2016

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And if that’s true, the photograph you see before you, tells you one of the most vibrant and brilliant stories of them all.

Rony Abovitz, (born 1971) is an American entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Mixed Reality startup Magic Leap. And in this photo, he is trying to show the viewer a marvel among technology. Something that’s able to mix the virtual realm with the physical one, and dare I say fact with fiction!?

Graeme Devine’s Handy, Dandy Definition of Mixed Reality

You might shout:

Blasphemy! “Tomfoolery! NOT TRUE!”

Of course, it’s true though.

As Graeme Devine says:

You really have to have faith,”

But not only on an atomic level. The idea behind Magic Leap is that while wearing the device, you can mix photons, with the real world by painting an image of what you want or need to see onto your retina, whenever and wherever you need to or want to do so. It works a little like this.

Mr. Devine, the Chief Gaming Wizard at Magic Leap Wrote this handy dandy definition that you see before you. And it will be used to define the generations that come.

Just Part one from Vance Vids, so far a saga like series about Magic Leap, Inc. You may want to check out the rest.

Rony describes the technology that does this as a sort of lightweight headset and about as small as a pair of glasses in end game. with 2 belt packs, one for battery sustaining, the other for an extremely GPU & CPU, As Rony put it. One would have to be separated from the other due to heat issues. In his live-stream for Facebook below, he speaks about it before the men from ILMxLab come onto the stage. Where they did their Magic Leap x LucasFilm demo.

These men were meant to be part of a partnership of sorts for LucasFilm, Ltd. to Magic Leap, Inc. and there are plenty of other investors as well, as shown in the picture below as well as HERE (CrunchBase).

Magic Leap also had tried to acquire Moonbot Studios, however, the company did not make the final sale, as was reported by Business Tech Insider earlier this week specifically, Apr. 10, 2017, 7:37 P.M.

Instead, they acquired about a dozen of their workers, and The game company FuzzyCube Software, who are responsible for fun stuff like “Epic Loot” and “Panda Picnic”, “Quarterback 2", and “Temple Run 2".

Copyright © 2017 Fuzzycube Software

He didn’t just say two belt-backs — until a possibly unintentional leak — from ‘A source’ as it was claimed the PEQ or Product Equivalent zero had been leaked via, an image to Business Insider. But whether or not that picture was leaked intentionally is still shrouded in mystery.

I KNEW when I saw that image that it was NOT PEQ0 material. And I was right.

In an article from UploadVR that covered the story properly after the Business Insider News Leak entitled, “(Update) Photo Shows Magic Leap ‘Test Rig’ NOT Prototype AR Headset”, we learned it the so-called PEQ0 was just a TEST RIG.

Not a PEQ, an R&D TestKit For Debugging, but something seems off

The truly remarkable thing about Magic Leap’s tech, which Mr. Abovitz wants to be an HMD or Head-Mounted Display, is that it allows us to superimpose images of virtual objects as digital software in the most 3-Dimensional fashion possible for eyes in the highest resolution possible. The PUBLIC demo’s they have so far included one of a robot that waves back at you when it notices you, alongside a moving solar system app.

When I first saw this, I thought, Is it real..? Or is it just some hoax. I did some research the next couple of hours and my prayers were answered. It was no hoax. Because not only does the robot take notice of you, it is completely aware of you, and it’s not really there. It’s just photons.

This quote you see in the tweet from Robert Scoble Is very interesting to me. it looks as if Rony is saying to Scoble that they are preparing to ship out soon, because. When you look at the tweet it says,

“Hi Robert - it may be time to switch to e-mail :-)”

Remember, this is through the eyes of my own biased opinion, and the eye’s of a 23-year-old man who aspires to someday, be like Mr. Abovitz.

In any case, let’s have a look at Magic Leap’s first real public YouTube video demo.

This robot is going to make a great friend and those glasses waiting for you. I’m going to name mine “Clank”. Or perhaps “Bucket”.
“Is it real?? It has to be! not a hoax right?”

These were the recurring thoughts of a 21-year-old version of Noah who had just found out about Magic Leap.

But that was when the likes of myself first saw and discovered Magic Leap back in 2015, when and they were just picking up traction and had been endorsed and heavily invested in, with money (Round B in funding) from Google.

I was also lucky enough to have my prayers answered after about a half hour to an hour of searching for info on Magic leap, can’t recall. And sure enough, it was the real deal.

This right off the bat told me two things: The first thing was that I was way behind in my scientific studies, and I had been slacking on reading about scientific progress. The second thing was that magic leap was amazing because it was attempting something, never before tried. It was attempting to merge the digital world with ours.

Rony isn’t just a CEO or a founder, or president of any company… He’s also been called a visionary. And sometimes likes to liken his company as to that of ‘a Baby Apple’.

“We’re kinda like a baby Apple,” he said. “There’s no way to do it unless you design it all. It’s a little scary, but we’re doing it."

And he’s not alone.

Take the words of Jessi Hempel for example in the video posted below.

Twitter Profile for Jessi Hempel

The Untold Story OF Magic Leap, The World’s Most Secretive Startup, A WIRED Cover — April 19, 2016

I could ramble all day about the amazing possibilities of Magic Leap’s technology. So maybe I’ll just bullet point a few out. A few that have already been posted in the past

When I look at someone’s face, it recognizes them and puts info about them in my vision.
When I look at a restaurant, it puts the menu in front of my eyes.
While I’m driving, the GPS will overlay on the road and show me directions.
I can read email/Facebook/Twitter/SMS while driving/in a meeting/at church.
I can watch a movie on a huge wall in my house that only I can see.
I can talk to Holograms of other people, and they can see me.
Source for bullet points —

hmm maybe I’ll let David From GeekBite do just a bit of an Intro so I can continue..? Yes let’s try that!

A 5:30 minutes video explaining the definition of Magic Leap and what it means for those who will try it and how it will impact our lives.

Magic Leap, Inc. is as described by their CEO, Founder, and President over at their company website as such:

“ Magic Leap is an electric group of visionaries, rocket scientists, wizards, and gurus from the fields of film, robotics, visualization, software, computing, games and user experience.
We are growing quickly, and this is the time to get on board and play a role in shaping the way people will be interacting with the world tomorrow.”

And, yes, they really are. They are nice people. I know a few, albeit online. (Discordapp, Twitter, etc.)

But as described in the aforementioned videos THEY ARE HYPER-SECRETIVE!

Rony Abovitz patented this technology as working with the use of a ‘Dynamic Digitized Light-Field Signal’

And I even found the trademarks which were posted on Twitter. and posted them on the Sub-Reddit officially for Magic Leap, Inc. Paul Reynolds even provided special artwork for this sub, Thanks, Paul!

However, I must be cautionary as I can only tell you now, that Magic Leap has no plans for a release date anytime in the close neighboring future, because as Rony says:

“I really want to nail it.”

And he’s referring to launch of the product. We also have no idea what the real deal looks like. That photo in the BI TECH article is only a Debugging unit to my knowledge. However, that didn’t stop people from looking at the drawings/filings of the patent research, which gives a pretty nice description of the layout of the tech, or at least what it will or should turn out to be.

In time, perhaps this tale will be remembered as “The Fourth Transformation”. As Robert Scoble, usually a keynote speaker and presenter, at places around the world-wide-web, and the world in general. Most notably UploadVR, a website dedicated to newsworthy stories about content to do with the three R’s of reality, had put it in his new book by the same name.The book being, “The Fourth Transformation”.

The sheer fact that that we have no idea what to the final product is coming out, how much will cost, or where to buy it and when is all very much a mystery us all. Yes, but I have the utmost confidence that as the year rolls by we’ll see new bits of information and the cogs of motion will start to turn on the hype train for Magic Leap. And I’m riding that train. Because like Rony said:

And I do. I also hope that others can too.

While we wait for our mixed reality revolution here are some noteworthy people and their ideas / concepts / websites / contributions etc on Reddit and other places. Rony and Co. self explanitory & Chispy plus all other mods atlee19, Good infographgics for the community. Jono MacDougall, very nice blog I enjoy your reads. following in your footsteps Karl Guttag, incredible dissection of the magic leap hardware without much inside knowledge. Vance Vids for, ‘making a thing’
Malkmus1979 Reddit/r/magicleap many other good posts, pointing out many things that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. keeping people inline.
Castle-777 Reddit/r/magicleap for seeing things the most logically way when you type your comments on the sub. you are a good friend too. WonderHow-to Network WIRED April 2016 Forbes Forbes article on Soundcloud
YouTube Playlist, Myself — Noah_A_S and many other posts, playlist below.
I would also like to thank e i π + 1 = 0 on discordapp for making the discord server, about mixed reality here’s a permanent link for anyone who enjoys a good talk about all things mixed reality and science. You are also a good friend

I’ve listed my playlist below it has all the talks and will continue to grow possibly even after Magic leap makes a release.

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