A Day In The Life 4/3/2017

School-Disc Golf- Work

My eyes opened to start the day at 8:45. I have class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and love how it keeps me consistently waking up before 9 am for either work or school. Before I went back to college I would have every other morning off from work because I would work that night shift so I would just sleep in until 11 or noon or even sometimes close to 1. Now that I’m back in school I’m starting to get into a consistent schedule of waking up before 9 am and it’s been great. After school I did some practice putting in my backyard to get ready for the round I was going to play. I’m still defending our courses 3 tag so any round that I play will need to be to the best of my ability. My round ended up starting a little later than Ide expected and it ended up just being my friend and I. The weather was great but the ground was very wet and muddy due to previous days of rain and melting snow. I ended up winning the round and almost beating a personal best on the layout that we played. Our round started at 2:45 and I had to make it to work for 5 so we were lucky we didn’t run into many other groups out on the course. I made it to work just on time and had a really productive shift with the right amount of staff due to the warm weather and people wanting to come out for one of the first ice cream cones of the spring. After work my friend came over and we watched the new episode of Rick and Morty and really enjoyed it. Recollecting on the day it sounds like I was very busy from beginning to end but in reality there were spots and gaps inside all of that time where I could’ve been more efficient and timely with my thoughts and actions. That’s how I’m going to grow as a person.