Three Great Bookstores in Pennsylvania

Noble Newman
May 6 · 2 min read

In a day and age when audiobooks and ebooks are becoming more and more common, there is still something special about holding and getting to read a physical book, and something even more special about getting to explore a great bookstore.

Here are a few great bookstores to visit around Pennsylvania:

Midtown Scholar Bookstore

The Midtown Scholar Bookstore is both a bookstore with a massive selection of texts, new and used, and a cafe that provides a space for reading, writing, and socializing. The bookstore has about three floors and has a wide range of books that span every genre and topic. It also has a room where it stores its rare book collection, which is stunning to peruse and see the first editions and signed copies by authors who changed the face of literature.

Port Richmond Books

Port Richmond Books is located in Philadelphia and has a collection of over 200,000 books, magazines, and novelties. The space is mind-bogglingly vast and has been described to feel similar to a labyrinth. The store has both classic and canonical books, and esoterica and niche selections for those looking for something off the beaten path.

The White Whale Bookstore

The White What Bookstore is located in Pittsburgh, and in addition to holding a wide range of books, it also hosts events, book launches, readings, book clubs, and is just an incredible space for community engagement and connection. In its mission statement, it aims its focus on being “a community hub” and prides itself in its involvement and role shaping the Pittsburgh literary community.

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