You Might Be A Partisan Hack If…
Caitlin Johnstone

Overall, I like what you did here, but be careful being dogmatically contrarian. Sometimes conventional wisdom is correct.

It is clear that Maduro is running his country into the ground, and regardless of if Chavez was inspiring at some point, the system he set up is collapsing. You can point fingers at US imperialism all you want, but its clear that Chavez failed. It’s not necessarily an indication that socialism is untenable, but this case is a failure.

I get that its popular to be anti-establishment, but when you follow this train of thought to the point of being irrational, it becomes problematic. You have a tendency to be focused on conspiracy theories and generally pessimism when it comes to people in the government. They are human beings as well, and they aren’t as corrupt or obsessed with power as you imagine. You are reading what you want to see in the tea leaves.

However, it is certainly true that the global economy and geopolitical structure is unjust and imperialistic. Whether its multi-national corporations or governments, there is a constant thirst for power and wealth. We can recognize this aspect of the world without denouncing the whole system as 100% flawed. That would be intellectual laziness, which is exactly what you are criticizing in the first place.

As a side note, don’t try to emulate Buzzfeed. Lists are not writing.

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