Make a video tutorial, and earn 3 months of free masternode hosting!

Hello there 👋

We’re running a free masternode hosting contest and we thought you might want to hear about this.

As you might already know, we’ve just launched our platform; If you haven’t already, give this one a read;

Now back to our contest;

On, we’re currently supporting around 25 masternodes and looking for your help to create video tutorials about how to use to install each of those coins’ masternodes.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind while creating your video tutorial;

— You need to explain everything step by step; from encrypting your wallet and making the single transaction for the masternode collateral to starting your masternode from your local wallet after editing your masternode.conf with the given content and locking your collateral.

— You need to use voiceover in your video. Text explanations are not accepted.

— Everything must be in English.

Optionally, you can explain how to make deposit in to your account.

Tutorial videos will be listed on our website and everyone who wants to host that specific masternode will be able to watch your video tutorial through our platform’s Node Builder.

Starting of the Node Builder, where your video will be embedded.

The Reward

Chosen video owners will be given 3 months of free masternode hosting for 1 single masternode and her/his video will be listed on our website.

Only 1 video will be chosen to be listed on our website for each masternode.

Other video owners will receive 1 month of free masternode hosting for 1 single masternode.


You can send your video to us in every possible way. Email, through our live chat, Discord or Twitter. Whichever is easier for you! You may expect to hear from us in the same day.

Please note that this campaign will last forever as long as we add new coin listings.