MegaNode, New Web3 Infra Solution for High Performance Blockchains

The history of the internet is more than 40 years. In each decade, the applications on the internet have significantly impacted every corner of the world, changing the way people live and work. We’re now on the threshold of the next generation internet, tons of decentralized applications on the market and still counting. MegaNode, the web 3.0 infrastructure platform, is to empower developers and enhance efficiency while creating DApps, ensuring an instant, reliable and secure solution.

What is MegaNode?

If you’re a DApp developer, regardless of running your application on which blockchain, the first thing you need to do is to set up a node. However, setting up a node is not a simple task, it takes more than $50K cost per year on average, and countless hours on managing a reliable infrastructure. We understand that, truly, and that’s why we brought MegaNode to you.

How MegaNode works?

We provide both https and websockets access points, depending on your needs, you may select a proper protocol to access our services. After the connectivity is established, a coordinator will distribute your API calls to the core service based on the RPC method. We built those common RPC methods as our core service to have quick responses, as result the response time is less than 20ms on 90th percentile of all MegaNode requests.

MegaNode is also a multi-chain platform, we have built several nodes on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, through our Chain Management service, the connectivities have been established once you created the application on our portal, you can switch to another Chain just in one second.

The Core Services

States, Blocks, Logs/Events and Transactions, these are the most frequently used RPC requests when building DApps. If you’re running apps with your own node, the typical way is to send these requests to a full node, however, the performance may be a risk due to frequent access. MegaNode created our core service to resolve this issue, our core service consists of two main components, publishers and verifiers. We leveraged publishers to retrieve data on chains, and published those data to EVM caches and storages through storage interfaces, and ensured the data accuracy by verifiers, to significantly reduce the frequency of accessing blockchains. This structure not just improved the response time, but also facilitated our core service to a scalable and reliable solution.


The system response time is always our top priority. MegaNode leveraged cache mechanism to ensure a better latency, we monitored our service from different locations, eth_getBalance avg. request response time is only 23ms on BSC and 25ms on Ethereum.

Pricing Plan & Request Quota

Starting from Jan. 24, MegaNode enabled a monthly quota to each Free Tier user, we provided a 350M monthly quota for free! Every JSON-RPC request made will deduct the corresponding cost from your monthly quota, helping you to maximize your monthly usage. If we convert into eth_call usage, it is available to call upto 17.5M times in a month, we can proudly say that is the largest in the industry.

We understand that you may want more usage to scale up your business, we’re working on our Growth Tier and Enterprise Tier to provide a better customer experience and ensure your services will no longer be suspended. We will launch our Growth Tier on Feb. 10, and will provide an early bird discount to all the users for only $39 a month! Stay tuned for more about MegaNode pricing, and we’re looking forward to having deeper collaboration with you. Below is our Growth Tier plan at first glance.

MegaNode Roadmap

MegaNode is moving forward quickly. Here is an overview of what we aim to achieve in the recent quarter.

Building DApps with MegaNode

Accessing blockchain could be much easier and budget, all it requires is to sign up MegaNode. You can follow this guide and explore blockchain without any cost. Start building your first DApp on MegaNode!

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