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Oct 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Purpose of

We are on a mission to help local small businesses to get noticed online, increase traffic in store, and differentiate from the competition. We look to do that through the idea of “Challenge”. allows businesses to post a Challenge for the community to participate. When a Challenge participant submits a proof of completion, it goes into a validation process. It opens up to everyone on the platform to vote on whether the submission meets the completion criteria.

If the majority of the voters approves it, then it is good, otherwise it will be rejected. Participants and the majority side of voters will receive tokens as a reward for contributing. Tokens are designed for exchanging product and service vouchers listed by the businesses.

See below for the Challenge flow chart:

Throughout this process, businesses receives exposure and customer engagement from both the Challenge participants and everyone on that voted. The only effort from the business is to post a Challenge and the rest will be automated.

Why is on the blockchain?

To avoid cheating, we need a gate keeping process to validate all the Challenge submissions. Blockchain is the technology that we are using to execute the task. It plays a critical role in It effectively eliminates the need for an overseer of the Challenge submission approval process. If we were to do it in the traditional way, we may have to ask the business owner themselves to be approving all submissions. This can potentially be problematic because:

By decentralizing the voting mechanism and allowing the whole network to help validate, we can transparently automate the process and minimize the time commitment from business users. It can also help businesses to avoid dealing directly with angry Challenge participants that got their submissions rejected.

As for the , it is the for those that . Both Challenges and submission voting are all a part of the cycle of getting businesses noticed online. On top of that, the ability to will motivate the users to shop in-store, which means .

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