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Apologies and perhaps I’m missing the big idea here (or more likely the minimal viable product) but this really comes across to me as an onion type post. How exactly would a personal health assistant know any more than actual doctor talking to a patient? Virtually nobody who gets morbidly obese ever turns to normal weight, and its not due to the lack of knowledge from the medical and health community. Scheduling doctor visits does not equal health.

The problem is just that -we outsource our health to those who are clueless as to what is driving our individual issue. Unfortunately virtually everything we find in the diet and exercise industry tells us its near impossible for us to figure out what we actually need. I’m glad to discover that advice is bunk.

Regarding a clear path, the problem of course is everyone starts in a different place, and the answers for where to start are all found internally far more than they ever will exist on your phone. This is a good thing and a strength.