Are your small, frequent meals making you fat?
Greg Schmaus

Greetings. I hope you don’t mind an alternative view point. I wish I could say I agree with you, but this doesn’t resemblance to my experience at all. I shifted to eating small meals based on personal awareness of what was happening internally. My primary focus (after gaining awareness of my sugar levels) in fact became my metabolism and still is. Smaller meals for me are ideal for this as my stomach knows what to do with it.

Over time, this has led to a loss of 1o0 pounds and the elimination of any anti-acids (also the elimination of Diabetes and my Metformin regimen, High BP and sleep apnea). I used to have them like 28 days out of the month. If I need one Pepsid AC in two months now its rare. If I have a really large meal now I literally fall asleep.

Regarding the ideal, ideally I think “you” should eat when your body needs food. This may be one hour, two hours or four depending on how much you eat and how much movement you are doing, but becoming aware of this seems a far better strategy than set hours for eating, which may or may not bare any resemblance to your needs, depending on your energy output.

It may be in fact that eating three meals 5 hours apart is great for you, but I have a hard time generalizing that to all of human society.