Hey Noel, thanks for the advice.
Megan Johnson

Hi Megan, your welcome! Just a minor follow-up, I actually don’t really like eating breakfast before I do major movement (exercise) in the morning.I would rather kickstart my body’s metabolism and call my fat cells to start releasing stored energy. Eating afterwards gives me a wonderful start to the day. I do sometimes just have a bite or two of nuts or something just prior, but certainly not a meal.

So again, just my perspective, totally feel free to ignore — I’m not buying the excuse — the trainer definitely pushed exponentially too hard — you may be at a gym, but just because all the machines are there, doesn’t mean you have to use any of them. I totally agree you should use it the gym though. Just make sure its fun!

Regarding water, I drink water like a fiend. Gaining better awareness of your body’s water needs is really important. To me there are two things to be aware of — water retention and water flow. I used to have massive water retaining issues with really bad ankle and leg swelling. That is an issue and has little to do with water flow.

Your understanding of your immediate water needs definitely improves with regular movement. I think the “drink x glasses of water” stuff is pretty much nonsense. What matters is what you need right “now”. You may very well be dehydrated in your normal day — many people are.

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