I’ve been struggling with obesity for many years; at this point, either I do something to loss…
Raul Landazuri T.

Hopefully my health journey can give you some ideas, but if you are choosing a gradual change approach toward getting healthy, choose one thing — food, movement or lifestyle. Find some small change that you can integrate into your daily life — that if you did, would make a positive difference for the rest of your life.

We each start with our own set of conditions, health and food issues. Start somewhere small, where you know you should make a change.

In my case it was learning to chew my food. This took like 6 weeks but was transformational for reasons I go into in my health journey. I started stretching out my calves, and over a few months, started adding other stretches.

Small changes compound, but only if you make them stick. You’re going to be the same person tomorrow as you are today, with perhaps a small change or two. If you can make them stick, you can add to them. Over time, this leads to significant changes in habits, and weight.