Look here’s the thing, you have to stop looking at exercise and working out as something that’s always going to give you immediate results.
Growing Stronger: Trends vs Patience
David Lee

Totally agree with this. I go further. I hate exercise, always have, and still do. Exercise to me is and is marketed as a separate activity I do away from my regular life, usually at a place that is uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons.

Instead I do movement. All the time. I love it. I also started way way way small compared to most. But small changes compound, and over time, it turns out I loved doing movement so much that now I even occasionally get into crazy crossfit type states.

My suggestion would be to make movement fun first and always and functional second. If not, you probably will stop, especially if you are in the morbidly obese category like I was. For me, stretching was the movement that really changed things for me.

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