For 60 years I have been raised and educated in a country that I believed although imperfect was the only place I would ever want to live. Its constitution was brilliantly designed to insure that there would be a balance of power between the judicial, executive and legislative branches. I believed that laws where meant to be followed, that corruption would be routed out wherever it existed and that our form of government would stand the test of time. I believed that its imperfections would be corrected, although painfully, our democracy would always bend toward what is honest and right…

I have spent the last 12 days traveling through Europe for work and than a short vacation. As you might expect, I have had conversation with Europeans about the current political climate in the United States. Despite the fact that they can not vote in our elections they have an intense interest in what’s next for America.

Last year may have ended in a whimper with the election of Donald Trump, but this year has marked a true high point in my life. Traveling from county to county — having the chance to campaign across Colorado — has been an experience of a life time!

This post was written by Oscar Olivas, a former participant in the Colorado I Have A Dream program.

Last week, I watched in horror at what’s happening in Alabama. And as more and more stories involving Roy Moore are made public, it’s important to remember that his behavior is not only atrocious, it is far too common. Roy Moore is a symptom of a larger problem: sexual assault, harassment and abuse of power are universal.

Everyone loves a good competition. 238 American cities are currently battling for the opportunity to land Amazon’s second headquarters, and it’s getting a lot of attention. Denver’s creative submission for consideration is inspiring, and I’m always going to root for Colorado first — I hope and trust our capitol city will be seen for the innovative, forward-thinking, and beautiful place it is.

You may have heard: former Congressman Tom Tancredo has entered the Governor’s race in Colorado’s Republican primary.

We know Democrats need a better economic vision. But while we all support increasing pathways to the middle class and narrowing the income inequality gap, most ideas our fellow Democrats are offering these days do not match our aspirations.

Noel Ginsburg

Noel Ginsburg is a manufacturing entrepreneur and civic leader and former candidate for Governor in the State of Colorado in 2018.

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