3 Steps to Doing Social Remotely

In honor of Sundance sweeping the internet this past week, I thought I’d share how I’ve covered various events for the Stage 32 brand, all the while sitting here in sunny & 72° LA.

As a brand, we’re often faced with the daunting task to report “live” from our highly promoted events. Sure, it’s easy to get the word out about an event when you’re sitting in the comfort of you office, however, what happens among the chaos as your event is actually taking place? Well, whether it’s a movie premiere, business convention or in this case a week of events, screenings and industry panels, your social coverage must ensue! Consumers are waiting to be fed immediate updates and that’s where we, the social media czars enter the scene… from afar.

And yes, I do mean far, far away. Here are the top 3 steps to prep and promote your event without ever leaving the office:

1. Prepare but don’t plan

The Birth Of A Nation

We’ve all heard the saying “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” Well, when it comes to social I say, prepare for the worst, best and everything in between but don’t plan at all. Perhaps the worst thing you can do is commit to an announcement with any specific social coverage plan. Really all this boils down to is not committing your followers to a set schedule of what they will see and when they will see it.

Case in point: This year at Sundance we planned to have two panels live streamed on Periscope. With the staggering success of our first panel coverage, we ended up going live a total of four times with Q&A coming from our followers.

Additionally, The Birth Of A Nation that has two of our educators working for the production companies that produced it, “landed the biggest deal in the history of the Sundance Film Festival with a $17.5 million payday from Fox Searchlight for global rights.” — Variety.


Also, Stage 32 member, actress and producer Alysia Reiner (Orange Is The New Black, Sideways) produced and stared in “Equity which premiered at Sundance and was promptly acquired by Sony Pictures Classics.” –Stage 32 Blog

First Girl I Loved

And as if we didn’t have more success stories turned social curb balls, Stage 32 member and blog contributor Ross Putman‘s film First Girl I Loved received rave reviews that you can read about here.

Although we can not plan for such successes, we must be prepared with a social strategy in advance. We have to remain flexible, prepare for everything yet plan for none of it. The best advice I can give is to have your thumbs ready, willing and able to tweet out at a moment’s notice!

2. Become the stalker

Tracking event hashtags (i.e. #Sundance, #Sundance2016) is a solid start, however if you’re planning on making some serious social damage you’ll need to kick your stalking up a notch and find your Geotags. Geotags live on every social media platform, however some require third party software to truly tap in and engage properly. Geotags on Instagram have made stalking easier than ever and now allow us to see who our “top influencers” are in any specific area. This allows our brand to reach everyone we want, remotely, thus allowing engagement to be better (and creeper) than ever! My super stalker skills increased our Instagram following by 2k and Twitter by 1.5K in less than 5 days.

3. Send in your spy… with strong wifi

TUNE IN: Live on #Periscope today @ 3pm MST for a #Sundance2016 panel on the Screenwriter/Manager Relationship

The most important step to socializing remotely is sending in the spy! In other words, select a direct line of contact and make sure their pictures are clear and their signal stays strong. This is in fact the one aspect of remote social promotion that requires some planning. Having what I like to call a “spy” set up on location is crucial to completing your social efforts. Receiving a constant stream of photos and videos will make your live coverage flow seamlessly, and most likely your nights sleepless. Nonetheless, it’s a must if you plan to make a big social splash without crossing seas.

In summary, step up your inner stalker, unleash your outer spy and soon your live coverage will never look as good as it does from far, far away!