Wheelchair User

Ive been in my wheelchair for a little over 7 years, crazy that I forgot how beautiful walking is. The first few days after I was shot, I didn’t even think much about walking my whole mood was about survival; I did not want to leave this earth. I managed to survive a gunshot wound however I am an L3 spinal cord injury. I can move my left foot at about 50% of what I used to with no movement on my right. I can honestly say I’m blessed to be typing this, however there are times when I want to vent. My hardest time was actually being let go for the night to go home, as soon as I got to my house I burst out in tears. I remember leaving one night as a man walking to coming home a month later with a plastic piece covering my chest and on a wheelchair. I can honestly say I took walking for granted, but how was I supposed to know that I had taken my last step that horrible night. Life comes at you fast, and there were nights after my mom would go to sleep at the hospital when I would cry, but every morning I was my positive self. It still hurts, we get judged on because of course I don’t look the same, can’t play sports with friends, or just run with the wind. I’m alive and I have great parents to thank for that, I just wanted to share a little something of my life since March 25, 2007, I will write when I feel inspired. Stay blessed

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