A strategy for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to succeed
Owen Jones

There are a couple of points in this excellent piece. You say Owen Smith needs to be part of Labour’s future, post election. This ignores his own words when he point blank refused to serve in any shadow cabinet with Corbyn as leader.

That kind of divisive language is not the future, as you later point out. That it comes from the self proclaimed ‘unity candidate’ should really be more noteworthy than it was. I cannot see how he has any place, he already lost one Labour safe seat he was parachuted into, he keeps going on about a second referendum there is every chance he will lose a 2nd as well, his constituency voted 68% to leave.

It is also worth talking about the SDP as you mentioned them. Lord Sainsbury funded the SDP breakaway, he also funds Progress, where the core of the coup, and all the talk of a split, is coming from. I understand the need for a clean slate for both sides to build something new, and I dismiss talk of 172MPs completely opposed to Corbyn anyway, the core is likely to be 30–40 at most, maybe half that, the rest, who will likely have had doubts, swept up in the idea that everyone resigns, vote no confidence and he is gone in a day or two, I suspect many did not want what has come since and regret doing it despite reservations about Corbyn.

However, how much damage to a party can one man do before questions are asked, when it comes to Sainsbury. The funding he provides has come at a very high price over the years.

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