September Discoveries

Over the past month I’ve been trying to learn more Ruby on Rails, write more and was checking Instagram more regularly!

I haven’t fulfilled all my ambitions that month, but I was working towards getting there, and here are some of the goodies I’ve discovered along the way.


  • Dr Kristin Neff’s self compassion test, which I discovered whilst reading the Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. Self compassion has been a recurring idea on my mind lately. A skill worth cultivating, yet one that is largely vague.
    The self-compassion test follows Dr. Neff’s definition (shared in Brené’s book) that views self compassion from a more structured lens. Namely, it’s a result of the variables self kindness, common humanity and mindfulness — all of which the test helps measure to offer you a self compassion score.


  • BitBucket. I never knew unlimited free private repositories were available (then again, I never searched for it)!
  • I discovered BitBucket via this awesome rails tutorial ebook — another rich discovery this month that I’m still trekking through.
  • Atom text editor. Still trying it out — so far the built-in fuzzy search is wonderful.
  • ConEmu terminal is far more pleasant than windows’s default one. Offering color changes, terminal type options, tabs and window resizing (among a plethora of features I don’t know I don’t know) — it’s a far more friendly experience.


  • Airpixels. Perhaps I found this even before September but its breathtaking aerial landscape photography is well worth sharing.
  • Bujotrain for creative bullet journaling. Gradient lettering, maze habit trackers and more.

Those were a few of my favorite things from last month. What were yours? Feel free commenting your list below!